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Executive Order 2020-06.3 has been extended through April 30,2020. 

Click here to read : Letter from NDSBC President(4/15/2020)

The ND Department of Commerce is leading what will be a multi-phase effort for “Smart Restart” PLANNING. In Phase I, the Commerce team will be working directly with industry associations and professionals that represent businesses that have experienced closures mandated by Executive Order 2020-6.3. Our office was contacted and has been asked to participate in this planning by attending meetings.

The Phase I goal is to facilitate industry workgroups to identify “Smart Restart” guidelines and protocols for affected businesses, to control virus spread and inspire consumer confidence so that affected businesses can begin to re-open in the regions where the eight conditions for “Smart Restart” are achieved.

Advisory groups will meet to customize a “ND Smart Restart Protocol” with recommendations for their industry. These recommendations will be reviewed and approved by the Department of Health.

An IMPORTANT MESSAGE to our licensees and the public:

On behalf of the North Dakota State Board of Cosmetology, we would like to notify our licensees and the public that Governor Burgum issued amended executive order 2020-06.1. Directing all cosmetologists, manicurists, and estheticians to 
cease services and close all salons.  This would include all services provided under a homebound license, and prevents any student/instructor to perform any services on a member of the public. Any salons located in a nursing home/long term care facility, which are licensed by our Board and/or have employees licensed by our Board, must also cease operations at this time.

You can review the executive order on the Governor’s website:  https://www.governor.nd.gov/sites/www/files/documents/executive-orders/Executive%20Order%202020-6.1%20expanded%20business%20closures.pdf


Local county and state law enforcement are authorized and directed to enforce the provisions of the executive order. Violations of this Order are an infraction and subject to a $1000 fine.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding retail sales:


In light of Executive Order 2020-06.1 – the North Dakota Board of Cosmetology contacted the Governor’s Office for clarification on whether salons can remain open for the sole purpose of selling retail productsThe Governor's Office confirmed that this would be permissible, as long as no cosmetology, manicuring, or esthetic services are being provided. It is only the selling of retail products that would be allowed in the salon and only that portion of the salon that is needed to sell the products should be open.

If you need further clarification on this matter, please contact the Governor’s office or seek private legal counsel to determine if you are within the parameters of this Order.

The Governor’s Office recommends that salons remaining open for this limited purpose have a disclaimer on the door informing the public that the retail portion of the salon, and that portion only, will remain open for retail sale of personal products. The disclaimer should warn that anyone who is sick or has any flu like symptoms - including a fever, cold, cough, and/or body aches - to not enter the store. 

Ex: XYZ Hair Salon is closed for all personal care services until further notice. The retail portion of the salon will remain open during business hours ___ to ____ for retail sales of personal products. Please do not enter the shop if you have a cold, the flu or flu-like symptoms: fever, cold, cough or body aches. 

 Returning to work:
In regards to returning to your salon and resuming business operation AFTER Executive Order 2020-06.1 is lifted, please follow all ND Laws, Rules & Regulations established by our Board, as well as recommendations from the CDC, the ND Department of Health and resources from trusted brands like BARBICIDE. 

We have created a NEW, easy to follow "Rules of Cleaning and Disinfecting" poster. These will be available for distribution from our inspectors during annual inspections. You can also click here to download the document to print. THIS IS NOT REQUIRED TO BE POSTED BY LAW. You MUST continue to post the previously required poster. This new document is simply for your every day use/reference in ADDITION to the detailed "Rules and Regulations" poster.

Letter from NDSBC President:

Click here to view the letter.


Below are direct links to helpful resources and recommended websites from the ND State Board of Cosmetology.

North Dakota Department of Health

ND Office of the Governor

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

BARBICIDE leader in Salon Barbershop and Spa Disinfection

To view "Back to Work" document from BARBICIDE please CLICK HERE

Unemployment Insurance and COVID-19 FAQ

Update from Job Service ND 4/23/2020:
Programming and testing is underway for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) aid. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, we expect to begin processing and paying claims sometime next week. If you have already applied, no action is required on your part at this time. You will receive a letter when the process begins. Once you receive a monetary determination, you will have to certify each week through UIICE to continue receiving benefits. FPUC ($600/week) benefits will be included in PUA payouts.

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