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N.D.C.C. 43-11-27 (3) No individual is entitled to renew an instructor's license unless the instructor has furnished to the board evidence of completion of the continuing education established by the Board by rule.


N.D.A.C. 32-05-01-03 (3) Every instructor shall attend eight hours of board-approved continuing education annually. Before attending any seminar, every Instructor shall apply in writing to the Board for approval of the seminar. 


North Dakota State Board of Cosmetology has partnered with CE Broker to track your continuing education hours.  If you have an instructor license, you can claim your free account CE Broker account by clicking the picture below.


You will be able to upload your CE hours to your CE Broker account as you complete them.  You no longer have to wait until you renew to send them in.  The Board will have access to your uploaded hours so you will not have to submit with your renewal.
CE Broker is simple to use and completely free.  They also offer enhanced options if you are interested in the additional features available, however paid options are completely optional.


              ·         Application & required documents must be submitted by class instructor at least 30 days prior to class taking place for approval. This application can be completed on CE Broker.  https://cebroker.com/providers

   ·        No CE credits will be issued if prior approval is not obtained.

                 ·        Classes listed on ndcosmetology.com under continuing education are preapproved.    

AGENDA REQUIRED:A detailed agenda is required with each continuing education application submittal. Acceptable agendas will include the presenter(s) name, training session topic, and sub-topics. It will include the continuing education credit hours by license type for each session. A syllabus, brochure, or other promotional material that provides the required information will be accepted as an agenda

TRAINING GUIDELINES: Training can be provided by way of formal lectures, online live, on-demand sessions, or hands-on training activities. One credit-hour is granted for each50 minutes of training.

Approved continuing education will not:

• Include product or equipment sales pitches.

• Focus solely on business planning, sales approaches, or marketing strategies.

• Malign a competitor’s product.

• Promote or provide instruction on the use unapproved products, procedures and/or equipment.

PRESENTER/INSTRUCTOR REQUIREMENTS:  Presenter(s) must be subject matter experts in the topic they present for continuing education. Qualifications for each presenter (including acquired work experience and/or special training) must be included on the training agenda.



• Prior to North Dakota State Board of Cosmetology approval, online sessions must be made available for preview by the board.

• The provider will not advertise or give notice that an online session is approved for North Dakota State Board of Cosmetology continuing education credit before an approval has been granted.

• Test and verify knowledge transfer by requiring a grade of 70% or better on a quiz that covers online session sub-topics.

• Attendance verification at the start and end of an online session is required.


TRADESHOW / EXHIBIT ATTENDANCE: Continuing education credit granted for attendance at trade shows and exhibits will be limited to one credit each calendar year.

COURSE ATTENDANCE AND RECORDS RETENTION: The course provider will prepare and submit the training agenda, including credit hours by license type, available to all attendees.  Provider will record attendance and provide attendees with a signed and dated certificate of completion. Alternatively, the presenter may submit a CE attendance record for training to the ND State Board of Cosmetology not more than 10 days after CE class.

If you are an educator and would like your course approved for CE, please submit the following application: CE APPROVAL APPLICATION or Visit: https://cebroker.com/providers


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